Guide to diagnose your drive


1 - Never open your HDD
2 – Only 30% to 40% of hdd failures are related to damage electronic components
3 – If after replacing your pcb drive still not detected please contact a Data Recover Specialist

Step – 1
Connect the drive to power
Step – 2
Analyze the symptoms
Step – 3
After diagnose your drive you can be more sure about the next step. If you identify that the pcb is broken you can buy and start the replacement procedure. If the failure is not related with broken pcb the only step is to contact us or your Data Recovery Specialist.

Possible symptoms:
1 – PC shuts down immediately
This means for sure that you pcb is broken.

2 – Drive don´t spin at all
In this cases you can be experiencing 2 different problems. Your pcb can be damaged and the drive don´t start spinning process or spindle could be broken.

3 – HDD seams to spin but is not detected on BIOS
There is a short probability this is related with broken pcb. In most of this cases problem is related with unstable heads or broken firmware.

4 – HDD is making clicking noises
There is some cases that this symptoms are related to bad pcb but most probably your HDD have broken heads.

5 – Drive is detected but I can´t copy data out
Probably there is some issues with firmware or unstable heads.