About Us

HD Rescue was created on 2010 by entrepreneurs with more then 10 years experience on Data Recovery Services and Disaster Recovery Solutions.
HD Rescue Shop is based in Portugal. Our main goal is to provide DataRecovery companies and private persons allover Europe and rest of the worldwith the necessary parts to recover data from hard drives. One of ouradvantages is the speed of our services and deliveries. We provide to costumersthe opportunity to get the parts next day for low cost.

Seagate: Model#, SN#,PN#, FW#, Site Code,Date Code, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible.
Western Digital: Model#, Date Code, DCM#,SN#, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible.
Toshiba: Model#, Full HDD#, SN#, Country ofOrigin, PCB label and chips if visible.
Fujitsu: Model#, PN#, SN#, Date Code, Rev#,FW#, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible.
Samsung: Model#, HDD PN#, SN#, REV#, FW#,Date Code, PN#, PCB label and chips if visible.
Hitachi: Model#, SN#, MLC#, PN#, Date Code,Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible.

All of our printed circuit boards are listed with all the same above details, but we have also included all the chip numbers, as they are all visible once they are removed from the drive.
(Please contact us if you are looking to purchase multiple qty's of any item and we can combine shipping). If you require faster shipping than we have in the listing, please contact us and we can make those arrangements as well. For all International buyers that have a UPS, FED-EX, DHL account, we will be more than happy to remove the shipping expense and ship the charges to your supplied account if contacted.
If you do not see the exact item you are sourcing on our website, please feel free to contact us with your drive details and we will see if we have the item in stock that you require that may not yet be posted to our website.
We have partnerships with biggest IT retailers from Europe, that will help us to easily find the parts our costumers are locking for.

Best regards, Tiago Colaço (President and CEO)