HDDs, PCBs, Other Parts

Hard drives are storage devices frequently used by companies and individuals for computer data storage. These equipment can fail at any time, losing access to all the data on the equipment. The loss of sensitive information, can cause great inconvenience.

Taking care of your hard disk:

You should never open a hard drive or replace any component, the operation of hard drives is quite detailed and complex.

The internal components are carefully aligned and even the outer board (PCB) in most cases only contains information corresponding to the disc to which it belongs impossible to replace.

Opening a hard drive without being under the right conditions can cause permanent damage eventually times with the chances of recovery. That is why we have a fully equipped data recovery lab to solve these problems.

The most common problems related to data loss are:

Cartridges damaged

Damaged engine

Parent (PCB) damaged

Firmware problems

Bad sectors

Formatting / eliminated info